1. Learn tangible skills needed for launching a business or project

  2. Understand how to effectively communicate its purpose and Value

  3. Begin developing the leadership skills necessary for organizing a successful team

To schedule your very own SaqibSalazar Young Entrepreneurs Boot Camp at our office or to organize an event for your local community, contact us today!

Email: events@saqibsalazar.com

SaqibSalazar is an International Trade & Business Development Firm. As part of our strategic plan, founders Hina Saqib, M.S., and Joe Salazar III, Esq. are setting up a “Young Entrepreneurs Boot Camp,” under the umbrella of a SaqibSalazar business development project.

The goal is to pull from our years of business development and consulting experience to share the tangible organizational skills required for launching a business/project, effectively communicating its purpose and value, and developing the leadership skills necessary for organizing a successful team. We have already developed the structure, format, and content of the program, and I know that it will be a very valuable experience for all those involved.

Additionally, the “Young Entrepreneurs Boot Camp” will build on The Salazar Method, and it will provide participants with a tangible application of its principles. The Salazar Method is a path of self-awareness that will teach participants how to bridge the gap between motivation and execution. Furthermore, The Salazar Method provides a strong foundation for teaching young entrepreneurs how to make sense of their own ideas and confidently make decisions.

Vision, Purpose, and Scope of SaqibSalazar Young Entrepreneurs Boot Camp

1. Vision: To deliver a training program that creates an awareness of the best practices, technical skills, and communication principles necessary for developing a fulfilling, successful, and enjoyable business.

2. Purpose: To provide participants with a personal understanding of themselves, so that they can more clearly assess their own ideas, develop a plan of action for achieving their goals, and - most importantly - to help them evolve their own personal decision-making process for taking individual action in real time.

3. Scope: From motivation to execution. The Boot Camp will walk participants along a four-part process for developing a business. Building on years of business experience in both the corporate world and startup process, participants will be exposed to four key areas of the development process:

a. Identifying business opportunities and the process of selection

b. Developing a business model and choosing the right team

c. Creating a message to communicate business purpose and value

d. Delivering public presentations that are relevant and meaningful